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Est. 2007
Red Velvet

Brilliant red velvet
cake layers are
spread with deep
chocolate truffle
filling, then filled
and frosted with
tangy cream
cheese icing.
Chocolate Turtle

The perfect
combination of
buttery caramel,
whole toasted
pecans and silky,
rich chocolate in
Tuxedo Cake

An enchanting
blend of
chocolate cake
and white cake
layers are spread
with chocolate
truffle and french
vanilla cream
Chocolate Cake
Layers of dark,
moist chocolate cake,
sandwiched with the
silkiest smooth chocolate
filling and finished with
elegant dark chocolate
Chocolate Cake with
Peanut Butter Filling

Milk chocolate cake
with filled with a rich
peanut butter filling
Pink Lemonade

Bright pink lemonade
flavored  cake layers
with pink lemonade
filling  layered with
cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate Chip

Creamy custard
and fresh sweet
bananas with
dense banana
cake stuffed with
dark chocolate

This is our own
version on a classic
Italian favorite.
Tiramisu is a layered
consisting of a
lternating layers of
coffee-soaked and
sweet mixture of  
Mascarpone custard
and whipped cream
Pink Champagne

That's right Pink
Champagne. This cake
says celebration!!

Bright pink champagne
flavored  cake layers
filled with Strawberry
mousse layered with
champagne butter
cream frosting.
Pistachio Cake

Pistachio Cream w/
White-Chocolate Mousse'

Airy layers of pistachio
cake are nestled in cloud
like white-chocolate
mousse layered with
pistachio cream,
Flecked with Pistachios
Carrot Cake
Layer upon layer
upon layer upon
layer of our dark,
moist carrot cake
all studded with
raisins, walnuts
and pineapple.
Finished with our
smooth cream
cheese icing
German Chocolate Cake

The best of an old-world
chocolate buttermilk batter
cake, buttery coconut
filling, covered in a dark
chocolate buttercream.
Marble Cake

Milk Chocolate
blended with moist
yellow cake. Filled
with white butter
cream filling
White Butter Cake
with Raspberry's

Guests will say,
"Yes!" when
offered a pretty
piece of white
cake enhanced
with  flavorful
raspberry filling

Lemon cake filled
with fresh lemon
cream and fresh

Light and
refreshing great
for summer
White Chocolate Cake

Airy Layers of White
chocolate cake are
nestled with a White
Chocolate Truffle Filling
Irish Cream Cake

White chocolate
mousse and  
chocolate filling,
tipsy with the finest
Irish cream
Humming Bird

Spice cake with
pecans, bananas,
pineapple and a
cream cheese
Cream Cake

Delicious butter
cake filled with
citrus Bavarian
cream and fresh
Keylime Cake

We've all tasted Key Lime
Pie, but a Key Lime Cake?
Why not
Layered with our cream
cheese filling

Thats what your guests will be
saying when they get a bite of
Delicious Dark
chocolate cake
layered with Graham
Cracker filling, deep
Chocolate Truffle and  
Marshmallow cream.
Dark Chocolate
A rich, dense,
moist chocolate
cake Layered with
Ganache and Mint
Mouse filling
Bridal Vanilla

A version of white
-- moist and light
with a slight
almond flair.
Filled with our
rich and creamy
Bavarian cream

This triple-layer
yellow cake with an
pineapple orange
Cake Flavors